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view and download your course material,view your weekly & exam time schedule and course announcement.



By using MSA staff account you can administrate your courses (Add,Delete and update ) .


CPC 2014

Create your career account and submit your CV to get job opportunities in big companies in Egypt.

 Midterm Exam Schedule (spring 2015) has been published for all faculties ******Good Luck*****

How to log into your portal & how to evaluate your staff performance!

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Student username: students\?????
Student password: ?????
if you forget your password, write your ID as a post onMSA's Official Facebook Page

We will be available on:
Dokki campus switch: 33367845 - 33367847   Server room: 33366081

Online Registration
MSA Students are kindly urged to register their desired courses online for this coming Fall Semester # 56 (Spring 2015). The online course registration system via MSA developer team will allow students to access that site for course registration anywhere during the designated period mentioned above. Register Now !

Graduate's Career Center
MSA's success is proven by the success and achievements of its graduates. Ahmed Samy, a computer science graduate, is currently working at NASA and pursuing his PhD. Ahmed Bahaa & Karim Mourad, Electric Engineering graduates, winners of the IEEE Electronics Design International Contest. These are some of the graduates of MSA and there are more to come. Submit your CV Now !

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